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Black History and The Newspaper Volume I "We the People Series"

This 68 page guide helps teachers incorporate lessons about black history all year long.  Each student activity page focuses on a different subject:  government, politics, civil rights, the arts, music, entertainment, business, industry, technology, agriculture, space exploration, science, medicine, sports and education.  It highlights outstanding black individuals in each field as the lessons direct students into the daily newspaper.

Black History and The Newspaper Volume II "We the People Series"

This new 40 page guide is a natural extension of Volume I and provides the link to today's news and information as teachers incorporate lessons about black history.  Lessons include different African American role models than highlighted in Volume I.

Native Americans: Portraits of the Seventh Generation "We the People Series"

Provide students with a link to the indigenous people of North America.  This unique resource is divided into four sections:  The Story, The Struggle, The Land, and The Legacy.  It includes historical, biographical, and cultural information exploring the achievement and rich history of the North American tribal nations.  Thought provoking newspaper lessons enhance reading, writing, social studies, and problem-solving skills.

Hispanic Heritage " A Salute To Latino Americans " We the People Series"

This 48 page guide celebrates Hispanic American men and women from every walk of life who have made outstanding contributions to many fields of endeavor- science, education, government, labor relations, entertainment and numerous other disciplines.  Every lesson links this important diversity topic to today's news as students are guided through the newspaper to complete activities.  Extension lessons online at HEADBONE.

 Multicultural Community: Understanding our Changing Society "We the People Series"

People in our society must learn to live and work together without prejudice, stereotyping, discrimination and racism.   The unique curriculum guide presents these major concepts through lesson ideas and activities designed to heighten the awareness and encourage positive change for a better community. 

Earth Watch Promoting Environmental Awareness

This three-part book focuses first on energy conservation, recycling, and the garbage crisis.  Air, land, and water issues a"re presented in the second section, while part three explores problems related to plants, animals, ecosystems, deforestation, and world population.  This guide will challenge students to seek answers and discover ways to heal our environment using problem-solving strategies, analysis, critical thinking and the daily newspaper.

The Weather Page Understanding How Weather Happens

From basic physics and geography to explaining barometric pressure and air patterns that affect storms, this guide teaches the "how and why" of weather.  Easy-to-understand lessons, activity sheets, experiments and illustrations teach about the familiar and the more abstract weather phenomena using the daily newspaper.

Geography In The Newspaper Creating a Lifetime of Geographic Education Through A Lifetime of Newspaper Reading

The lessons in this curriculum guide stimulate students to think geographically about world events as they are occurring.   Each lesson incorporates critical thinking skills by inviting the student to question, probe, analyze, and to look for relationships.  The five themes basic to the study of geography are addressed: location, place, relationships, movement, and regions.

Presidents, Politics & the Process American History and Today's Newspaper

Capturing each president's personal imprint on U.S. history, this well-focused book of lessons is also designed to relate themes and events which distinguished past presidential administrations to today's world.   The activities send students through the newspaper to  make connections between political campaigns, power struggles, scandals, wars and issues of yesterday with those of today.  The book also includes a section about the process of electing a president.

Civic Education in the Newspaper Using Current Events to Teach Social Studies

This instructional guide offers lessons that refers the student to a "real life" situation in the daily newspaper, bridging the gap between the textbook and today's world.  Lessons relate to American history and culture, government, economics, geography, and current events.   Each activity page includes the instructional goal, a correlation explanation, step-by-step instructions, and a chart for organizing information.

Organizing Peace:  World War II and Beyond Using the Newspaper to Teach 20th Century World History

Using today's newspaper, students will prepare for the 21st century by looking at the history of the world during their birth century.  World War II, more than any other event of the 20th century, changed the world forever: from global and geographic changes to changes in lifestyle, education, industry, and technology. 

Drawing Conclusions about the 90's  Using Political Cartoons to Investigate the Decade

This 63 page curriculum guide contains 26 editorial cartoons created for this book by a nationally known syndicated cartoonist.    Analysis questions promote critical thinking and enhance cognitive skills.  Activities reference and have students explore the daily newspaper to study issues of the 90's.

Fundamentals For Secondary Students Teaching Basic Competencies to Address Educational Objectives

All 50 states in the U.S have adopted educational competency requirements.  This teaching guide addresses most mandated competencies and educational objectives as the lessons focus on fundamental skill development in the major subject areas.  This book includes 60 student-directed lessons in worksheet format. 

Measuring Up In Mathematics  Addressing the NCTM Standards for School Math

Based on the Standards for School Math from the National Council of Teachers of Math (NCTM), this guide provides the teacher with activities that meet the Standards using the daily newspaper.  A bonus interdisciplinary unit called "Travelogue" is included.

The News Millennium Volume I...The Road to Now

This incredible instructional unit explores the past century and the road that brought us to the present.  This 60 page book contains three sections: The Changing Anatomy of Newspapers, The Language of Newspapers, and Social Studies (current events) of the Past and Present.  This first of two volumes will provide students an opportunity to compare and contrast newspapers past with newspapers present, analyzing how and why changes occurred.

The News Millennium Volume II...At The Turn

The second volume focuses on current and future trends for the new century.  Topics such as health care and aging, lifestyles and family, population growth and diversity, technology, education, and business are included.  All activities will use your daily newspaper to guide students through stimulating learning experiences.

Library Fun!

Make newspaper activities available to school librarians as well as community librarians.  Promote lifetime readership of newspapers by introducing NIE to librarians with this 56 page guide.  It is divided into 12 sections - a theme for every month.  The activities are designed for cooperative learning or independent use and link newspapers with other library sources.


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