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                    Opening the door to a lifetime of education  through a lifetime of newspaper reading.... 

         CJHatcher & Associates, Inc. 

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CJH Newspaper In Education Teaching Guides for promotion and distribution in your school market.  Camera-ready Teaching Guides are ready to print!  All you need to add is your newspaper name and logo.



CJH Educational Materials will expand your NIE program and your newspaper’s commitment to education.


All CJH Instructional Materials:
Are Interdisciplinary
Promote cooperative learning
Incorporate the daily newspaper
Cultivate higher level thinking skills
Are designed to focus on educational needs and requirement
Provide student activities and exercises for custom application
Contain teacher lesson plans and reproducible student worksheets
Were developed by expert educators and professionals

              CJH CURRICULUM MATERIALS             

 Plan now for the upcoming school year... order curriculum guides early!


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