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Caroll Jordan Hatcher established CJHatcher & Associates, Inc., an educational consulting and publishing company, in 1987 and is now publishing a line of Newspaper In Education curriculum materials distributed throughout the United States and Canada.   Prior to publishing, she directed the Educational Services Department for The Houston Chronicle Publishing Company (Houston, Texas).  Before joining The Chronicle, she taught high school social studies for ten years.  Combining her strong educational commitment with her love for newspapers and expertise in the publishing arena, Caroll Jordan Hatcher has served the newspaper industry for nearly three decades.  Contact Caroll Jordan Hatcher for additional information and services offered by CJH Educational Publishing. 



CJHatcher & Associates, Inc. is a full service educational consulting and publishing company.  The publishing division of the company specializes in NIE camera-ready instructional materials for promotion and distribution in newspaper markets.   The company motto (mission statement) is: "opening the door to a lifetime of education through a lifetime of newspaper reading".  The CJH product line is created with that philosophy in mind - no matter what the reader's age, a lifetime of education is available to those who read newspapers!



Newspaper In Education, or NIE, simply means using the daily newspaper for teaching and "real-life" learning.  Used in a classroom or other educational setting, NIE is the act or method of teaching and/or learning by using the daily newspaper.   The "living-textbook"  (the newspaper) is a daily source of news and information.  Organized NIE programs exist in most newspaper companies and is usually called an "NIE Department" or "Educational Services Department".   Most organized programs have curriculum materials and teaching aids for students and teachers to use.  The materials vary from K-12+  and focus on all subject areas.  Call your local newspaper company to see if they have an NIE program!     If they do not, contact CJHatcher & Associates, Inc. 


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