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Special Education and Cooperative Learning  Using the Newspaper as a Primary Source

Students defined as those with "special needs" are less likely to be motivated by conventional methods.   The exercises in this 88 page curriculum guide promote the use of the newspaper with cooperative learning.  The book is divided into four sections by competency levels, allowing teachers to meet the needs of a student no matter what their assigned grade level.

Survival Skills for the Student At-Risk

This guide focuses on expanded learning opportunities for the potential secondary school drop-out.  The guide is filled with creative lessons integrating subject areas to motivate those students who have high interest levels (non-academic) and low reading levels.    All activities incorporate the daily newspaper.

Literacy -- Adult Basic Education  Utilizing  the Daily  Newspaper to Teach Adults

Instructors who teach basic reading, writing, and life skills to adults will enjoy this 68 page curriculum guide.  Three sections of the guide deal with knowledge of the alphabet, word recognition, decoding skills, and reading.  The fourth section of the book addresses numerical literacy, including number sense, counting, and simple addition and subtraction.  Activities incorporate the daily newspaper.


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